"Restivo is charming, heartbreaking, and constantly interesting to watch. Her monologue describing the events that led to their first daughter's death is perfectly nuanced and tragically touching; she is the heart of the piece".   - Michael Marz, on "Woody Guthrie Dreams"

"Along comes fabulously beautiful, sexy modern dancer Marjorie, embodied by Jennifer Restivo in glorious coyness with a level of smartness that would capture the heart of any country boy".                                                    -Larry Litt, New York Theatre Wire on "Woody Guthrie Dreams"

"Jennifer Restivo is brilliantly versatile and dazzling to look at... undergoes presto-changeo costume swaps to play endless supporting characters...".                                                                                                                                - Blake de Pastino, Baltimore City Paper on "Big Betty"

“Perfectly Normal is a fast and frantic romp. Aided by the likability and palpable chemistry of its two lead actors (Jennifer Restivo and Andrew Pastides), this feisty mix-up of rom-com flips the traditional Hollywood notion of finding “the one” on its head”.                                                                                                                                               - Ben Watts, Short of the, on "Perfectly Normal"

“Jennifer does a strangely good job at portraying Helen McCormick, Cripple Billy’s love interest. Helen is violent, rude and extremely cruel… Restivo is relentless at playing Helen, whom the audience just loves to hate”.                -Christine Tsai, Clair Trevor Discovers on "The Cripple of Inishmaan"